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It has been a pleasure to work with the owners of EZ Equipment Zone. They are very responsive and knowledgeable. Their business model and the relationships they have built in the industry have been significant in helping me grow my business. I highly recommend EZ Equipment Zone for the ease of doing business and their expertise.



We first invested with them almost 3 years ago. We entered cautiously after asking lots of questions and lots of critical evaluation and prayer. We met in person and had a very pleasant and informative meeting which put our concerns and questions to rest. Even in the past year, 2020, it still remains the best investment we have ever made.  



 The Owners of EZ Equipment Zone are great guys to partner with. They have built an exceptional platform to build a business on. They are very knowledgeable and passionate about the industry and love to see their customers grow.  I value the relationship that I have built with EZ Equipment Zone over the years and I highly recommend their services.  



Just wanted to reach out and say thank you for the opportunity.  The last year, even with the economic set back in our economy, has been a great experience working with you guys.  EZ Equipment Zones' founders have been stand up guys that have found a niche which has given me and others a great opportunity.  I look forward to doing a lot more business with them in the future.



EZ Equipment Zone has been a pleasure to work with. You have great passion and knowledge for what you do. I am looking forward to working with you for many years to come.


Frequently Asked Questions
Questions? We have answers!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't have any experience with owning and managing an equipment rental business before?

That's okay, as we will guide you through the process of starting, owning, and operating your rental business. Our Asset Rental Program takes most of the hassle out of the process for you.

How will I know what equipment to buy for rental?

We will advise you on what equipment to purchase as we have several years of experience in the purchase and operations of rental equipment and know what equipment brings the best rental rates and has the most utilization for maximum profit.

What if my equipment doesn't rent out very much?

As there are no guarantees that any or all of the equipment listed in our Asset Rental Program will rent out all or part of the time, that is where our Rental Program makes sense and makes it safer for all owners when participating in the rental program. First, we only advise you to buy equipment that we know has a proven track record of normally having good utilization rates and bringing maximum rental rates. Secondly, each owner is paid their net monthly rental proceeds based off of the total Rental Program proceeds thus ensuring that each owner is paid monthly even if their equipment happened to not rent at all that month.

How will I know where my equipment is located?

Each individual owner of equipment will be given a password to log into the Equipment Tracking system used by Equipment Zone, LLC. You will be able to see the location, daily usage, and the movements of each piece of equipment, along with other data about the equipment.

How does Equipment Zone, LLC rent out the equipment owned by the members of the program?

Equipment Zone, LLC has a Master Rental Agreement with a national equipment rental company enabling us to place all of our equipment in available rental locations. 

What happens if a piece of my equipment is damaged or destroyed?

ANSWER: Each piece of equipment is insured by EZ Equipment Zone's master policy that you are an additional insured party, but it is also insured by the parties renting the equipment for use. In the event that the equipment is damaged or destroyed and it is not covered by the renter for whatever reason, that is where EZ Equipment Zone's Master Policy would be covering the damage.

What is the normal life of this type of rental equipment?

Since we specialize in mostly aerial equipment consisting of boom lifts, tele-handlers, and scissor lifts, we normally expect to rent the equipment out for 9-11 years before we remove it from the rental cooperative by either helping re-sell it for you, trade it in for new equipment, or have the equipment re-manufactured. Amount of usage and the condition of the equipment can be a factor in determining at what point does the equipment need to be sold or substituted for newer equipment.

Can I purchase my own equipment somewhere else and let you help me rent it out?

No. We only allow owners into the Asset Rental Program that purchase the equipment through our strategic partnership to ensure that all of the equipment meets the standards and expectations and warranty requirements to be placed into our rental markets.

What if I want to take my equipment out of the Asset Rental Program?

By giving us a 30-day written notice, you may remove your equipment from our rental program and do whatever you decide to do with it. If you choose to sell the equipment, we will assist you in the process of re-selling the equipment, as we have other possible prospective buyers of used equipment available.

Can I depreciate the equipment on my taxes?

Yes, there are different methods of depreciating the cost of the equipment allowed by the IRS, but you will need to consult your own CPA or legal advisor to determine which methods are best for you and your business.