The EZ Growth Plan: Grow Your Money the EZ Way!

The EZ Growth Plan: Grow Your Money the EZ Way!

In the dynamic world of heavy equipment ownership, financial decisions are as pivotal as the machinery itself. At EZ Equipment Zone, we understand the diverse financial needs of our clients, and that's why we've introduced the innovative EZ Growth Plan. This program offers a secure place for your funds and the opportunity to earn a solid return on your investment, all while retaining the flexibility you need.

Unlocking the EZ Growth Plan

The EZ Growth Plan was conceptualized to address the financial aspirations and flexibility requirements of equipment owners and potential clients. It's designed to empower you with a dynamic financial strategy that doesn't tie up your funds for extended periods.

How It Works

Here's how the EZ Growth Plan operates:

  • Two Plan Options: You have two plan options to choose from:
    • EZ Growth Plan: Requires a minimum initial deposit of $25,000.
    • EZ Super Growth Plan: Requires a minimum initial deposit of $1 million.
  • Short Term Loan Subscriptions: The program offers short-term loan subscriptions with varying durations to suit your financial goals:
    • 90-day subscription Growth Plan: Provides an attractive 8% annual interest rate return.
    • 180-day subscription Growth Plan: Offers a compelling 9% annual interest rate return.
    • 270-day subscription Growth Plan: Presents an impressive 10% annual interest rate return.
    • 90-day subscription Super Growth Plan: Provides an attractive 9% annual interest rate return.
    • 180-day subscription Super Growth Plan: Offers a compelling 10.5% annual interest rate return.
    • 270-day subscription Super Growth Plan: Presents an impressive 12% annual interest rate return.
  • Monthly Interest Income: Your return on investment is paid to you as interest income every month. At the end of the calendar year, you will receive a Form 1098 interest income statement.
  • Automatic ACH Payments: Your interest income is automatically transferred to your designated bank account around the 30th of each month.
  • Flexibility to Invest: You have the freedom to transfer your funds and use them for individual equipment purchases within EZ Equipment Zone's rental programs at any time during the subscription period without incurring penalties.
  • Competitive Interest Rates: The EZ Growth Plan offers highly competitive interest rate returns, ensuring that your money is actively working for you.
  • First Right Option: If you're an existing First Gen Equipment Program client, you may have the first right option to convert your money into equipment purchases in our First Gen Equipment Program as equipment becomes available.
  • Conversion Flexibility: Your funds may also be converted into Advantage Plus Platform Purchases, providing you with even more opportunities to maximize your returns.
  • Simple Flexibility: Thirty days before the initial subscription term completion, you can choose to extend your subscription period through whichever Growth Plan suits your needs or withdraw your money at the end of the subscription term.


At EZ Equipment Zone, we believe that true success in heavy equipment ownership involves not only acquiring machinery but also making strategic financial choices that empower your growth. The EZ Growth Plan exemplifies our commitment to your financial well-being, providing you with a dynamic platform to park your money, earn solid returns, and maintain the flexibility you need.

Discover the potential of the EZ Growth Plan and embark on a journey toward financial prosperity. Contact us today to learn more about how this program can help you achieve your financial goals.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is for informational purposes only and should not be considered financial advice. Please consult with a qualified financial advisor for personalized guidance based on your specific situation.