EZ Equipment Zone has developed and is offering the new EZ Growth Plan after overwhelming requests from our equipment owners looking for a place to “park” money while they are considering their next equipment purchase or would just like another option to make a good return without having to tie up their cash for the long term.

The EZ Growth Plan is very simple! You loan the money to EZ Equipment Zone, and we place the money on EZ Equipment Zone’s balance sheet as a loan payable to you and evidenced by a promissory note and tied to equipment rental assets. EZ Equipment Zone will deploy the money as a LOC used to procure additional rental equipment that will be sold to other clients/owners of equipment and entered into the Co-op. During the time that equipment is on EZ’s balance sheet it will be earning rent until it is placed with a specific owner. Now, you can earn a portion of that rent without having to tie up your money long term and use the EZ Growth Plan as a great way to earn a great interest rate and watch your money grow!

Here are some of the highlights of the EZ Growth Plan programs.
1. Short term investment subscriptions of 90 days, 180 days, and 365-day periods.
2. Two options available – EZ Growth Plan (minimum $25K initial deposit) and EZ Super Growth Plan (minimum $1M)
3. Money can be transferred and used for individual equipment purchases in EZ’s rental programs at any time during the subscription period.
4. Return is paid to you as interest income monthly and you will receive a Form 1098 interest income at the end of the calendar year.
5. Automatic ACH interest payments transferred monthly into your designated bank account.
6. Highly competitive interest rate returns.
A. 90-day subscription Growth Plan = 8% annual interest rate return
B. 180-day subscription Growth Plan = 9% annual interest rate return
C. 365-day subscription Growth Plan = 10% annual interest rate return
D. 90-day subscription Super Growth Plan = 9% annual interest rate return
E. 180-day subscription Super Growth Plan = 10.5% annual interest rate return
F. 270-day subscription Super Growth Plan = 12% annual interest rate return
7. Potential First Right Option to convert your money into equipment purchases in our First Gen Equipment Co-op as equipment becomes available in that program. (Only applies to current First Gen members) May also be converted into Advantage Plus Co-op purchases.
8. Simple Flexibility. 30 days prior to initial subscription term completion, you can choose to extend your subscription period through whatever Growth Plan you choose to continue with or withdraw your money at the end of the subscription term.